Tourism as a driver of regional development and collaboration

During a special track at the annual ATLAS conference in Prague, our tourism expert Albert Postma will provide a scenario planning workshop on tourism as a driver of regional development and collaboration.

Impact of tourism on regional development in 2030

The aim of the session is to bring together the expertise of various delegates and to jointly develop four different scenarios of how tourism could impact upon regional development in 2030. Such scenarios could guide authorities to establish policy frameworks. The output after the session will be fully fleshed out scenarios, their implications for the industry and ideally a joint publication with all participants.

ATLAS Annual Conference 2020

ATLAS promotes the teaching of tourism, leisure and related subjects. Thereby, it stimulates linkages between professional bodies in tourism, leisure and associated subjects and to liaise on educational issues, curriculum development and professional recognition of courses. ATLAS organises annual conferences on issues in tourism and leisure education and research. The aim of this year’s annual conference is to better understand the role of tourism development practices in the development of regions, including rural, peripheral and urban areas.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, this event is postponed to 7-10 September 2021.

Location & times

7 Sep 2021 om 00:00 uur.

00:00 uur.

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