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Every year we host and participate in more than 100 training courses, workshops, webinars, keynotes, media interviews and other events. With our knowledge of the future of tourism and scenario planning, we inspire management and employees of leading tourism organisations, consultancies, academic networks, media partners and universities in Europe and beyond. Our experts know what is happening in the world of tourism and have extensive experience in sharing their research-based insights. View our passed activities.


JanuaryTravel CongressJasper Heslinga
Expertisesessie toekomst recretiesector FryslânAlbert Postma and Stefan Hartman
Stakeholder meeting Gastvrij Nederland ‘Social Value of Tourism’Jasper Heslinga
College Tour, tourist area development Fryslân, Province of FryslânAlbert Postma
ATLAS Conference: keynote speakerBernadett Papp and Stefan Hartman
Presentation ‘Opportunities for leisure landscapes’  destination development Hegewarren (Province of Fryslân)Jasper Heslinga
Futures Lab Fryslân – presentation of scenarios to all stakeholdersAlbert Postma
FebruaryWaddenfond / Young Wadden Academy  ‘Toogdag’ Jasper Heslinga and Laura Spiekermann
 European Cities Marketing – online presentation of the TIC model together with Kennisnetwerk Destinatie NederlandBernadett Papp
Expert session tourist positioning Holwerd aan ZeeAlbert Postma
Guest lecture Athlone Institute of Technology, Athlone, IrelandAlbert Postma
Guest lecture on post-corona scenarios for Commercial Economics programme NHL Stenden, minor Tourism, Events & Experience marketingAlbert Postma
Lecture on tourism, NGPS 2021 symposium of the Geography and Planning study associations of various universities, NijmegenStefan Hartman
MarchPresentation building blocks for recreational boating Holwerd aan ZeeJasper Heslinga
Presentatie Advisory Board Academy Leisure & Tourism about post-COVID scenariosAlbert Postma
Presentation programme Tourism and Recreation 2021-2020 (DataFryslân)Jasper Heslinga
Presentation municipality of Harlingen about Tourism Data (DataFryslân)Jasper Heslinga
Presentation CELTH about Post-COVID scenario’s at Tourism & Recreational Service PUMJasper Heslinga
Webinar for Croatia Institute for Tourism: How can tourism Build Back Better? Supporting Recovery and building Resilience in a post-pandemic landscape  Bernadett Papp and Stefan Hartman
Presentation and advice at kick-off meeting Datahub Marketing Oost/Province of OverijsselJasper Heslinga
April Chairman of the day LAB Predictive Maintainance DataFryslân (part 1)Jasper Heslinga
Lecture for Groningen Airport Eelde about post-corona scenariosAlbert Postma
Futures Lab Fryslân – online workshop Friese identiteitAlbert Postma
Webinar on the Future of Tourism for the Cruise Industry hosted by Destinations Together, FloridaAlbert Postma
Chairman of the day LAB Predictive Maintainance DataFryslân (part 2)Jasper Heslinga
Guest speaker on Tourism Research Project conference of the programme Tourism Management NHL StendenBernadett Papp
Futures Lab Fryslân – online workshop Frisian archicultureAlbert Postma
Webinar 1 together with CELTH for Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia: Business-as-usual or business-as-unusual? A scenario approach to the future of tourismJasper Heslinga
Presentation Tourism & Data Science for Kennisnetwerk Destinatie Nederland / VVV NederlandJasper Heslinga
Futures Lab Fryslân – online workshop landscape and natureAlbert Postma
Chairman of the day LAB Predictive Maintainance DataFryslân (part 3)Jasper Heslinga
Expert session forecasting models to predict tourist pressureJasper Heslinga and Noël Middelhoek
Meeting tourism data with GoogleJasper Heslinga
Futures Lab Fryslân – online workshop living in FryslânAlbert Postma
Webinar 2 together with CELTH for Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia: A new perspective on balanced and responsible destinationsJasper Heslinga
Futures Lab Fryslân – online workshop mobility in FryslânAlbert Postma
MayGuest lecture minor statistics ‘Recreational Boating on the Wadden Sea’ Jasper Heslinga
IJsselmeer day 1 with SWECOAlbert Postma and Stefan Hartman
Webinar 3 together with CELTH for Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia: A toolbox for destination development and visitor managementJasper Heslinga
Webinar ‘How Emerald Publishing Services benefit your journal’  hosted by Emerald for Asian marketsStefan Hartman
JuneIJsselmeer DayAlbert Postma
Webinar CBI: opportunities in the wildlife tourism marketAkke Folmer
Webinar CBI: opportunities in the birdwatching tourism marketAkke Folmer
College Tour: theory and action plan for tourism product developmentAlbert Postma


FebruaryFrysk Recreaasje congresJasper Heslinga
 Scenario workshop IJsselmeer 2050 (1), provincial house LelystafdAlbert Postma and Stefan Hartman
 Scenario workshop Ijsselmeer 2050 (2) with JAM, provincial house LelystadAlbert Postma and Stefan Hartman
 Interviews Süddeutsche Zeitung about overtourism, Irene HelmesAlbert Postma
 Guest lecture scenario thinking to students Master in Learning and Innovation (MLI) at NHL StendenAlbert Postma
 Interreg ECoC SME – Local Learning Lab Martin Groters
 Workshop with stakeholders from Groningen on data and smart tourismStefan Hartman
 Keynote speaker ETC Market Intelligence Group and Marketing Group Annual Meeting about tourism trendsAlbert Postma
 Interreg ECoC SME – Local Learning Lab Martin Groters
 CAUTHE 2020 (Auckland, New Zealand) + launch of Ian’s new book on the history and future of tourismIan Yeoman
MarchInterview by OxfordResearch Copenhagen (Tanja Dideriksen) about overtourism indicators Albert Postma
 Scenario workshop NCRV ReizenAlbert Postma
 Interview by magazine Recreatie & Toerisme (NRIT Media)Albert Postma
 CELTH: Scenario workshop Lake Toba, IndonesiaJasper Heslinga
May Contribution radio programma NPO1 Astrid Joosten – Out of the Box, studio Hilversum about post-corona scenariosAlbert Postma
 Consultation by Jorg van Dorp, gemeente Oosterhout, about post-corona scenariosAlbert Postma
 Contribution radio programme Buro De Vries, Omrop Fryslan about post-corona scenariosAlbert Postma
June Expert meeting with AirBnBStefan Hartman
 Interview by Nynke van der Zee, Leeuwarder Courant, about lectoraat (for lectoratenboek eidted by Peter Joore)Albert Postma
 Webinar New Zealand about post-corona scenarios – Scenarios for NZ Tourism: re-imagination post CIVID-19Ian Yeoman, Albert Postma and Stefan Hartman
 Video meeting Gastvrij Nederland about post-corona scenariosAlbert Postma
JulyInterview by Koen Pennewaard, Leeuwarder Courant about post-corona scenariosAlbert Postma
 Interview by Fokko Bosker, about the impact of the post-corona scenarios on crossborder tourism Germany-NetherlandsAlbert Postma
 Online Summer Meeting of the Knowledge Network of Dutch DMOs, presentation of the TIC Model with Master students from MILTEMBernadett Papp
SeptemberATLAS annual conference, Prague; scenario workshop:”tourism as a driver of regional development and collaboration” – postponed due to COVID-19Albert Postma and Martin Groters
 Digital Tourism Think Tank – online webinar/workshopBernadett Papp
 Webinar at DMO Lab by Kennisnetwerk Destinatie Nederland – part of project Hello DLOStefan Hartman
 Online presentation at Europe Ready FryslanStefan Hartman
 2nd meeting: Academic Tourism Network Northern NetherlandsStefan Hartman, Bernadett Papp, Jasper Heslinga and Akke Folmer
 Masterclass scenario planning Bachelor Applied Business Studies at NHL StendenAlbert Postma
 Strategic session Hiswa-Recron in LeusdenAlbert Postma and Stefan Hartman
 Webinar ANVR about post-corona scenariosAlbert Postma and Stefan Hartman
 Interview with Leeuwarder Courant about concept of exponential growthAlbert Postma
 29th Nordic Symposium on tourism and hospitality research, Iceland – postponed till 2021Albert Postma
 Tourism Summit 2020 Albert Postma
 Webinar for SMEs in Africa and Asia on product development by CBI (ministry of Foreign Affairs)Albert Postma
 Webinar for SMEs in Latin America on product development by CBI (ministry of Foreign Affairs)Albert Postma
 Online Hospitality Day of the Knowledge Network of Dutch DMOs, presentation of the TIC Model with Master students from MILTEMBernadett Papp
October Webinar for SMEs across the world on trends in tourism by CBI (ministry of Foreign Affairs)Albert Postma
 Presentation to hospitality managers of the G8, Knowledge Network of Dutch DMOs, presentation of the TIC Model with Master students from MILTEMBernadett Papp
NovemberKey note speech at student conference on the Future of Tourism, InHolland, Rotterdam about post-corona scenariosAlbert Postma
 Lecture and workshops about Scenario Planning to students at FHGR, Chur, SwitzerlandAlbert Postma
 Webinar VVKR about post-corona scenariosAlbert Postma
 Contribution to live TV programme about (over)tourism in the Metropole Region Amsterdam (MRA)Albert Postma
 Waddenfonds DayStefan Hartman
 Focus groups with representatives of the public sector in (1) Europe, (2) Americas, and (3) the privat sector global, with WTTC and the Travel Foundation, input for the Destination Stewardship White Paper Bernadett Papp
 Reconstructing Governmental Systems and Policies for Sustainable Tourism Harvard Extension Online Live and Recorded ForumBernadett Papp
 Workshop Futures Lab Fryslân Albert Postma
DecemberScenario planning elective course at SKEMA Business School in FranceBernadett Papp
 Interview by Frank Quix, from Qanda, about post-corona scenariosAlbert Postma
 Panel discussion on destination governance at the X. Festival by Ditigal Tourism Think Tank Stefan Hartman
 Trendconges NRIT, Trendrapport LiveJasper Heslinga and Albert Postma
 Lecture and workshops about Scenario Planning to students at FHGR, Chur, Switzerland (online)Albert Postma


JanuaryLelystad NEXT levelJasper Heslinga
 Symposium Tourism at the Afsluitdijk Wadden CenterAlbert Postma and Ben Wielinga
 IPO provinciale kennisdagStefan Hartman and Jasper Heslinga
 RLI – expertbijeenkomst Toerisme & Leefomgeving Stefan Hartman
FebruaryKick-off CBI project (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries) in the HagueAlbert Postma
 Lelystad NEXT levelJasper Heslinga
 Expert contribution seminar European Parlement about Smart Tourism in BrusselsAlbert Postma
 Workshop at leisure conference in LimburgStefan Hartman
 Presentation Enbertsdijkvenen (Natura2000)Stefan Hartman
 Presentation conference Marketing OostStefan Hartman
MarchTwo sessions at ITB in cooperation with UNWTO about overtourismAlbert Postma
 VVV Nederland: presentation on customer journey mapping/experience mappingStefan Hartman
 AIHR Guest on Earth conferenceStefan Hartman
April AAG Annual Conference, Washington DCJasper Heslinga
 Conference “Wij, Wereld Erfgoed Wadden”Stefan Hartman
 Meeting Tourism Alliance Fryslân on TerschellingAlbert Postma
 Expert meeting ROC TOP AmsterdamAlbert Postma
May ETC & Necstour, BrusselsStefan Hartman
 Airbnb New Destination Summit (Barcelona)Bernadett Papp
 Workshop scenario planning at SRO about future profession MMBer (Medical Imaging and Radiation Expert) in UtrechtAlbert Postma and Stefan Hartman
 Destination Stewardship Workshop by WTTC in AmsterdamBernadett Papp
 Interreg PROWAD Link partner meeting, Fano – DenmarkStefan Hartman and Jasper Heslinga
 Trendbureau Overijssel mini conference Recreation & TourismStefan Hartman
 Commission Meeting for Europe, UNWTO European Member States, on findings handbook on overtourism, in ZagrebAlbert Postma
June Meeting about survey Fries Sociaal Planbureau on support for tourism development among Frisian population (with Merk Fryslân and FSP)Akke Folmer and Albert Postma
 Final presentation project MarketingOost for the group of Gastvrij OverijsselStefan Hartman
 ICNT conference hosted by ETFI, LeeuwardenAlbert Postma, Stefan Hartman and Jasper Heslinga
 Workshop with ETC & EURAIL in BrusselsStefan Hartman and Bernadett Papp
 Paper presentation at 8th Critical Tourism Studies International Conference, Ibiza, SpainAkke Folmer
JulyMeeting ‘Alpine Pearls’ CELTHJasper Heslinga
 Workshop Diving into Data (organised by the Young Wadden Academy)Stefan Hartman and Jasper Heslinga
SeptemberPitch of “2 pager” on Monitoring system for tourism & recreation at Economic Board Northern Netherland (EBNN) Stefan Hartman
 Panel discussion about publication of RLI’s study on ‘Valuable Tourism’ Stefan Hartman
October ETOA Summit, Lucerne, Swiss Albert Postma
 CBS Data eco system day (DataFryslân)Jasper Heslinga
 Fforesight course HTW Chur, Switserland, part 1Albert Postma
 Pretrip National Tourism Summit with Tourism Alliance FryslânStefan Hartman
 Dutch National Tourism SummitStefan Hartman and Jasper Heslinga
 Expert meeting Interreg Europe project ECoC-SME (Municipality of Leeuwarden)Stefan Hartman
 CELTH project strategic agenda Noord Holland – expert meeting Albert Postma and Stefan Hartman
 Opening event ‘de Beurs’ Campus FryslânJasper Heslinga
 NRIT TrendcongresAkke Folmer, Jörg Wenzel and Stefan Hartman
NovemberForesight course HTW Chur, Switserland, part 2Albert Postma
 TUI-CELTH thesis awardJasper Heslinga
 Overtourism Symposium Bamberg, Germany Bernadett Papp
 DataFryslân: data lab with ElkienJasper Heslinga
 DataFryslan: expert meeting in tourism data in Fryslan Jasper Heslinga
 ACEEPT Project Week BredaBernadett Papp
 CELTH: Agenda Responsible Destinations meetingJasper Heslinga and Stefan Hartman
 WTTC Destination Stewardship Workshop, London, UKAlbert Postma and Bernadett Papp
 DataFryslân: presentation at VNGJasper Heslinga
 ANVR congress (Belfast)Albert Postma
 NRIT Trendrapport Live Jasper Heslinga
 Scenario planning course, SKEMA Business School, Nice, France Bernadett Papp
 Symposium WaddenacademyJasper Heslinga
 DataFrylan; CONNECT FRL eventJasper Heslinga
 Presentation report sports accommodations to municipality of WesterveldAlbert Postma

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