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Albert Postma has a background in Social Geography and Spatial Planning (BSc, MSc, and PhD) and has been actively involved in education and projects in the field of leisure and tourism since the beginning of his career. His growing interest in the sustainability of tourism led to a PhD study in which he examined residents’ attitudes towards tourism in their communities. The results of this research paved the way for studying visitor pressure and overtourism in various European cities. After ten years of leading the master’s program in International Leisure and Tourism Studies, Postma was appointed as a lecturer in Scenario Planning & Strategic Foresight at the European Tourism Futures Institute (ETFI), an expertise center at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. In this role, he bridges his expertise in tourism, social sustainability, and tourism futures. Postma applies his expertise in numerous projects for national and international clients. He also teaches courses in strategic foresight and scenario planning to bachelor’s and master’s students in Leisure and Tourism at NHL Stenden University in the Netherlands and to master’s students at FHGR Graubünden in Switzerland. Additionally, he is a respected speaker at conferences and a skilled moderator of creative sessions with representatives from the leisure and tourism industry.

Albert Postma contributed to these projects

Notting Hill Carnival Futures

Futures Lab Fryslân

IJsselmeer area 2050

Visitor Pressure

Future scenarios for the leisure, tourism and hospitality sector after COVID-19

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What will recreation and tourism in the IJsselmeer area look like in 30 years?

23 April

To be able to foresee a future in 2050, scenarios provide a useful instrument. With scenarios possible futures can be explored of how recreation and tourism in the IJsselmeer area could look like 30 in years an extreme yet plausible situation. Subsequently, the scenarios act as a source of inspiration to paint a vision that can guide the development of recreation & tourism in the area. We are involved in the project to design and guide the scenario planning process.

Transition from scenario workshops to a digital learning environment

04 February

At the start of the academic year 2020-2021, our tourism expert Albert Postma has developed a creative and successful way to innovate in the digital learning environment in times of COVID-19. After thoroughly viewing and reading various reviews from professionals, I decided to choose for MURAL. The experiences of the teachers and students involved were extremely positive.

What are the opportunities in the European sun and beach tourism market?

26 January

We provide an extensive portfolio on attracting European tourists to support SMEs from developing countries who would like to enter the European market. We support CBI by making market information (market intelligence, trends and statistics) of outbound tourism from Europe available and translate the market information into concrete ideas for tourism products. Together with Marktonderzoekbureau Molgo, we recently upgraded our market intelligence on sun and beach tourism.

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