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Noël Middelhoek is a research and project manager at ETFI with a passion for exploring the unknown. Over the past three years, he has been actively involved in various projects, ranging from the exploration of innovative technologies to regional development. Noël’s main tasks are related to research development and management, where he can apply his interest and expertise in SMART tourism, scenarioplanning, destination monitoring, data analysis, and destination management.

Noël’s passion for research led him to start a master’s program in Cultural Geography and Policy Planning at the University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân in September 2023. He hopes to further enhance his ability to contribute knowledge and expertise through this program.

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GPS tracking for travel & tourism

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GPS tourism

Supporting destination management through GPS based predictive modelling

26 March

In the last decennia, both tourism and leisure industries have created significant benefits to the economic, cultural and social development of destinations around the globe. Mankind has a history of using innovative technologies to counter current day challenges in the field of sustainable development of destinations. Therefore, I have decided to write my BA thesis in an attempt to reveal the potential of predictive GPS-modelling for European destinations according to tourism professionals.

Customer journey of the international tourist in Fryslân

30 October

We supervise three groups of Leisure & Events Management students from NHL Stenden University in their research on analysing the customer journey of the international tourist in Fryslân. This involves a lot of different touch-points and therefore, the customer journey was divided into 3 processes with corresponding research questions.

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