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Jasper Heslinga works as a senior researcher at the European Tourism Futures Institute (ETFI) at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. He has a background in human geography and spatial planning from the University of Groningen and successfully completed his PhD research on the synergies between tourism and the living environment. This research has been published in both leading international journals and popular media. Heslinga’s research expertise focuses on how destinations can become more sustainable, inclusive, and smart. In these processes, his passion lies in finding ways to bring together stakeholders with conflicting interests and work towards sustainable solutions and resilient destinations. Jasper also works as Program manager for CELTH (Centre of Expertise Leisure, Tourism, and Hospitality) and teaches in the master’s program International Leisure Tourism and Events Management (MILTEM). Jasper is temporarily (until November 2024) working for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris, France.

Jasper Heslinga contributed to these projects

Post-COVID scenarios: Four scenarios for the future of the visitor economy

Prediction model for tourism pressure

Ambitions for recreational boating Holwerd aan Zee

Strategic policy development recreation and water sports 2025

Experiment with satellite data in leisure and tourism

Exploration tourism cooperation Emsland-Drenthe

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Jasper Heslinga wrote these blogs

New research maps the value of the entire hospitality sector for the first time

15 March

How deeply rooted is the hospitality sector in society? What would society look like without people being able to relax, eat out, camp, play sports, meet each other, enjoy culture, travel and attend events? Together with CELTH and Gastvrij Nederland, we have answered that question in the research project: Social value of tourism and recreation.

The Netherlands from above: use of satellite images for tourism and recreation

22 February

Our tourism experts Ben Wielenga, Jasper Heslinga and Stefan Hartman recently published an article on the use of satellite images to understand the tourism and recreation sector. Last year, the article was published in a new edition of the Trend Report. Satellite images are already available, but applications in the tourism and recreation sector are still limited. This article changes that.

7 recommendations for making your tourism destination smart

15 December

Tourists visit all kinds of destinations, but we still know very little about the tourists themselves. Where do they come from, what do they do, what do they spend and what do they like? To find out this, it is important to have data and information in good order. In this blog I give 7 recommendations on how you could make tourist destinations smarter.

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