Nordic Symposium

The 29th Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research in Iceland hosted by the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre is dedicated to shaping mobile futures. At the conference, our scenario planning expert Albert Postma will organise a scenario planning workshop on sustainable futures of tourism. He will dive into what is needed to plan and manage tourism sustainably in a changing world.

Shaping mobile futures

Tourism mobility holds a somewhat contradictory position. They can be seen as iconic for ever more intensified and unsustainable consumption while at the same time proclaimed to be a driver for sustainable growth. Tourism is blamed for depletion of resources, environmental degradation, CO2 emissions, cultural commodification, and labour and social inequality. Simultaneously it is seen as a tool for replacing resource-depleting economies, not least in peripheral areas in the North.

Nordic Symposium 2020

The Nordic Symposium focuses on opportunities for a prosperous future with tourism, but at the same time addresses implications, dilemmas, paradoxes, and controversies related to tourism development. This year, the conference focuses on the following issues in regard to shaping mobile futures:

  • Is there a way out of the vicious circle of irresponsible production and consumption towards more sustainable futures for tourism?
  • Can tourism live up to its expectations and become something other than part of the problem and, if so, how?
  • What sort of tools and methods are needed to plan for and manage tourism sustainably in a changing world?

Shaping mobile futures provides opportunities to engage with these and other related questions. The sessions critically deal with the challenges and possibilities for responsible tourism mobility from diverse disciplinary approaches.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this event is postponed to 22-23 September 2021.

Location & times

22 Sep 2021 om 00:00 uur.

00:00 uur.

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