Data & digitalisation

Do you want to anticipate on potential future challenges? We are happy to come by with our “toolbox” filled with different research methods such as benchmarking, customer journey mapping, trend analysis, strategic foresight and scenario planning. We develop clear visions, strategies, and concrete action plans that enhance the resilience of your organization or destination. Our ability to tailor solutions ensures that we provide the best fit for your organization.

Boost the resilience of your organization

Through their involvement in numerous projects, our tourism experts are well acquainted with the industry’s evolving trends. This wealth of knowledge serves as the foundation upon which we always build for new projects, enabling us to prepare you optimally for unforeseen events. Our research helps organizations in destinations and the leisure and tourism industry in making well-informed strategic decisions. You are challenged to see the future from different perspectives.

Our work covers a broad range of research themes. Find the research theme that is relevant to you and reach out to our researchers if you are interested in collaborating with us. Explore our project archive to delve into all our projects.

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