Our Journal of Tourism Futures ranked as top tourism, leisure & hospitality journal

In 2015, we started with an academic journal focusing on the future of tourism: the Journal of Tourism Futures. A huge challenge in the competitive market of over 120 tourism related academic journals. Nevertheless, we managed to convince Emerald Publishing of the relevance of the journal. Since, the journal has experienced a rapid growth and is now even ranked as Q1 journal.

Released issues of Journal of Tourism Futures

Emerald Publishing publishes three issues per year of which one is dedicated to a specific theme and led by a team of guest editors. So far, 14 issues have been published. Currently, a special issue is being prepared that focuses on the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis and other threats to tourism.

Academic research in tourism

The scientific reputation of the journal has developed vastly. For a large part this is caused by the dedication of everyone involved, but not the least to its broad accessibility. The articles in Journal of Tourism Futures are published open access. This means that users have the right to “read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles”, while authors are not charged. Herewith we provide a significant contribution to academic research in tourism.

Journal of Tourism Futures belongs to the top

By the end of 2016, two years since its launch, the journal already reached a milestone when the Australian Business School Deans Council ranked it as a journal in the C-league. Scimagojr and Scopus Preview showed that the journal’s impact factor had reached a score of 3.5. This is an incredible good score for such a young journal. The Journal of Tourism Futures belongs to the top 25% of all 123 journals in the domain of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality and outranks many established journals in this field. Of the open access journals it even takes the lead position. Our ambitions extend further. We would like to be reviewed by the Association of Business Schools and Clarivate/Web of science. This requires that four publications need to be published every year.

If you want to contribute to our top ranked journal with a research paper, viewpoint paper, trend paper, research note, book review or conference paper, please check the information on these types of contribution.

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