Economic impact of COVID-19 on tourism in Fryslân

The measures against COVID-19 hit tourism in the Dutch province of Fryslân very hard. For the Tourism Alliance Fryslân (TAF), we have mapped out the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for tourism entrepreneurs. A total of 389 entrepreneurs participated in our research, whereby a distinction was made between accommodation, catering and others.

  • Direct loss of turnover in the tourism sector of at least 35% based on the measures and regulations until 11 May 2020
  • Strong damage incurred if measures are extended
  • The measures taken by the national government to compensate for economic damage caused by COVID-19 are not in proportion to these figures
  • In addition to the direct consequences for the sector – increasing problems, bankruptcies and therefore also layoffs – the impact is also great on the other Frisian SMEs; suppliers, maintenance, construction, business/financial services. Thus impact on indirect employment such as retail, transport and service sector
  • Many entrepreneurs are not yet sufficiently aware of the current support measures


  • First insight into the economic consequences of COVID-19 and the measures taken on tourism entrepreneurs in the Dutch province of Fryslân
  • Useful results for the province of Fryslân and also directly for trade associations and parties in their actions to preserve and develop the leisure and tourism sector
  • Clear infographic with the main results of this unique impact analysis

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