Building responsible destinations

By means of a position paper we clarified the essences of destination development in a clear and communicable storyline. The storyline refers to major shifts that are decisive for:

  • The (near) future
  • Various phases/stages that are involved in those transitions
  • Appoints the factors that are the driving forces in those transitions

In corporation with CELTH, we offer various tools for future tourism development for DMOs, policy makers, politicians, advisors, regional intermediaries, and entrepreneurs.

This position paper consists of three parts and answers several important questions:

  1. The Perspective: destinations in transition. How do destinations develop over time?
  2. The Challenges: the 7 must-haves for development. What is needed to build conscious destinations?
  3. The Future: closing of knowledge chains. How can we contributes to development and how that relates to the roles and responsibilities of other parties.

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