Visitor study – municipality of Leeuwarden 

ETFI is annually conducting research on behalf of the municipality of Leeuwarden to analyze the demographics of city visitors and assess their satisfaction based on various visitor profiles. This provides the municipality with valuable insights into the city’s overall experience, as well as recommendations for potential enhancements.


The municipality of Leeuwarden aims to gain insight into the demographics of their visitors, focusing on aspects such as their origin, life stage, companionship, etc. Additionally, they are interested in understanding how these visitors appreciate their experiences in Leeuwarden.

Problem solution

This study sheds clear light on the type of visitors that Leeuwarden attracts and reveals their experience of the city. The results provide valuable insights into specific aspects of the city that appeal most to visitors, as well as areas where potential improvements may be needed.

The project team consists of:
  • Ben Wielenga: responsible for the research time coordination, research design, execution of analysis, and report writing
  • Jan van den Einde: Manages the fieldwork through Veldwerk Optimaal.
  • Jantine Verver: the contact person from the Municipality of Leeuwarden. Ben maintains communication and coordinates with her on matters such as fieldwork data, project status, delivery, etc

The Leeuwarden Visitor Survey is conducted annually. ETFI proposes an initial plan, and in collaboration with the municipality, the final research design is established. This includes specifying what information the municipality aims to gather including the questions posed to visitors, the days and locations for fieldwork, the target number of completed questionnaires, and more. Subsequently, discussions are held with the fieldwork agency to precisely align the chosen research design. Throughout the study, ETFI regularly receives updates from the fieldwork agency on the progress and adjusts as necessary. In the final phase, ETFI delivers a report with the research findings and, if desired, provides an explanation in a (brief) presentation.

This research project runs annually from April till September

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