Waddengastronomy monitoring entrepreneurs

ETFI conducted research among entrepreneurs in the Wadden Sea area. This was done for the Wadden Gastronomy project, in which various parties aim to establish a culinary tradition in the Dutch Wadden Sea area. The goal was to discover whether entrepreneurs currently incorporate local product into their daily operations, if they would like to do so, or if not. The research focused on the reasons behind their choices, their objectives regarding local products, any barriers they encounter, and the importance of collaborations related to local products.


The project was initiated with the aim of establishing a culinary tradition in the Wadden Sea area.

Problem solution

This project contributed to unveiling the familiarity of entrepreneurs in the Wadden Sea area with local products and their experiences. With them. The obtained information and insights serve as valuable building blocks that enrich the larger Wadden Gastronomy project.

The team consists of:
  • Ben Wielenga: research design and execution of the analysis
  • Anke Arts: overall project leader of the Wadden Gastronomy project. Ben aligns the research with Anke and regularly consults with her on progress and results.
  • Jan van den Einde: conducts the fieldwork on behalf of Veldwerk Optimaal.

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