Scenario planning in leisure & tourism

How do you build a stable future for your organisation while the world around you is constantly changing? This issue is our specialty. We are the only expertise centre in Europe that applies scenario planning in leisure and tourism research.

What is scenario planning?

By means of vivid descriptions of how the future might look like, we examine what changes the leisure and tourism sector are set to undergo over the next two decades. This way, we learn more about the effect these changes will have. Your organisation will get advice on how to anticipate these changes with innovative visions, concepts, revenue models or strategies. This is essential in such a fast-changing industry with constantly changing trends.

5 steps to build a future-proof strategy

Step 1: Exploring the environment in which your organisation operates
Step 2: Establishing uncertainties
Step 3: Examining what can happen in the future
Step 4: Outlining future scenarios
Step 5: Defining scenarios and develop them into visions, strategies and concrete action plans

Benefits of scenario planning are:

  • Enhancement of creativity in decision-making
  • Quick and decisive response to future developments
  • Up-to-date strategies, business models and concepts
  • Resilient business, organization or destination

Albert prepares you for the future

  • Strategic foresight
  • Scenarioplanning