Exploration tourism cooperation Emsland-Drenthe

On behalf of Emsland Tourismus GmbH, we looked at the current and future focus of the tourism-recreational policy frameworks and cooperation possibilities of the EU region Emsland (Germany) – Drenthe (the Netherlands). We focused on identifying objectives, themes and potential projects that (can) strengthen entrepreneurship in the leisure economy.


Joint actions between Drenthe and Emsland are of added value when focusing on:

  • Training
  • Infrastructure
  • Job market
  • Experience and nature
  • Crossovers
  • Festivalisation
  • Policy development


  • Deploying a team of experts who are skilled in both the German and the Dutch language
  • Broad view on the leisure economy domain; more than marketing and promotion alone
  • Determining the common ground in the current policy for the domain of leisure economics and which specific themes and projects (can) arise from this
  • Proving insight into the focus and direction of future policy through in-depth interviews with those directly involved
  • Analysing best practices from other EU regions

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