Tourism information for the future

In the field of tourism, recreation, and leisure, there is an increasing demand for effective monitoring and valuable data. Governments, entrepreneurs, marketing organizations, and land management entities aspire to work in a more data-driven manner. This desire stems from the aim to establish a solid, sustainable connection between their offerings, market demand, and the environment in which the activities unfold. Despite this ambition, challenges persist in terms of the availability, quality, and usability of data.


The inadequacy in the availability, quality, and usability of data results in decision-making based on incomplete information. The need for insights required by stakeholders in the hospitality domain is thus extremely substantial for the Province of Fryslân.

Problem solution

This project provides these insights, serving as crucial guiding information for making well-informed decisions about the future. It contributes to preventing negative effects on sector development and promotes a balanced approach to tourism and recreation that aligns with the living environment, environmental qualities, and communities.

The project team consists of:

The project involves collaboration with Planbureau Fryslân, Merk Fryslân, and DataFryslân. Students are engaged in various aspects of the project, both directly through assignments and indirectly through (guest) lectures.


The project team serves as a dynamic ‘knowledge engine,’ actively gathering questions and needs from the field. Our role includes identifying solutions and translating data into clear steering information. Our working team consists of the Fries Sociaal Planbureau, leading the project, Merk Fryslân, focusing on environmental management, and DataFryslân, serving as the data manager. This collaboration is directly linked to the Province of Fryslân, with a specific focus on the challenge of Culture and Hospitality Economy.


The results of the projects are presented in the Gastvrij Fryslân monitor. Various aspects within the hospitality and tourism sector have been highlighted. This monitor serves as the foundation of reliable information, based on existing data sources such as CBS data. It establishes a thorough overview of the hospitality economy in Fryslân. Explore here the five dynamic dashboards providing insights into businesses, visitors, residents, destinations, and policies in Dutch.

This research project runs from April 2022 till June 2024

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