Market intelligence

Do you seek advice on making crucial decisions in a changing market landscape? We have analysed more than 35 tourism markets to strengthen market information. By means of relevant data and insights we can give you direction in terms of competitive context, economic climate, policies, visitor behavior patterns and wider tourism market trends. This will make you stay ahead of your competition and allow you to make wise decisions.

Our offer:

  • Consumer trends analysis
  • Market development analysis
  • Tourism perception studies
  • Tourist satisfaction research
  • Economic, environmental and socio-cultural impact studies

Your benefits:

  • Up-to-date, complete and new insights relevant to your market
  • Practical information about the latest tourism market developments
  • Support in making up-to-date and strategic decisions
  • Improvement of your organisation and new business opportunities

Jasper knows how to innovate with data

Explore innovation opportunities for your tourism organisation.