What are the opportunities in the European sun and beach tourism market?

For many decades, sun and beach holidays have traditionally been one of the largest tourism segments. There has been a shift in recent years to sustainable sun and beach tourism in locations away from mass tourism destinations and with a focus on connections with additional activities. As the trend for unique, immersive experiences grows and reaches more consumer groups, from the Millennials to the Baby Boomers, so the opportunities for local operators in developing countries will continue to grow.

Opportunities for attracting tourists from Europe

We provide an extensive portfolio on attracting European tourists to support SMEs from developing countries who would like to enter the European market. We support CBI by making market information (market intelligence, trends and statistics) of outbound tourism from Europe available and translate the market information into concrete ideas for tourism products. Together with Marktonderzoekbureau Molgo, we recently upgraded our market intelligence on sun and beach tourism.

Read our study on sun and beach tourism at the website of CBI.

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